We Will || Love is Love

We tend to flourish when we are surrounded by friends and colleagues who are on the same page and wavelength as us. When I decided I wanted to follow this path of creativity I sought out to attach myself to people who could inspire me and motivate me to be a better creative and a better artist but also who were up for new and exciting projects.

“We Will” was just the project I was looking to work on. It was made by the joint effort of some very close friends of mine who continually inspire me. When they asked if I could join the project to take still photographs, I jumped to the idea. It was going to be infusion of all my favourite things - love, weddings, lace, flowers, and photography – how could I say no?

For this project, I wanted to capture the beauty that weddings and love possess. At the end of the day, I am a wedding photographer who aims to tell the story of two people committing their lives to one another. I treated “We Will” as just that; an opportunity for me to tell a story and, in particular, a story that isn’t told very much in Australia. I captured all the little details and put it all together in one fluid tale that I hope can promote love and beauty of the heart.

Take a look for yourself at the beautiful short film we created. Still photos and vendor lists are below xx


Laura Nagy - http://www.lauranagy.com/

Nirrimi Firebrace - http://fireandjoy.com/
Samuel Leighton-Dore - http://www.samuelleightondore.com/
Laura Nagy - http://www.lauranagy.com/

Bianca Bradey
Madeleine Withington

Emma Paine - http://emmapaine.com/

Nicholas Lever

Still Photographer:
Samantha Heather - http://www.samanthaheather.com/

Sound Designer:
Jay Daly

“Stones” by Bec Sandridge - https://www.facebook.com/becsandridgemusic

Production Designers:
Nicholas J Ford
Ash Bell - http://ashbell.net/

Julia Rose

Title Designers:
Natasha Saba - http://www.natashasaba.com/

Camera Assistant:
Jac Norton

Bridal Dresses:
Kelsey Genna - http://www.kelseygenna.com/

Holler & Haul - http://hollerandhaul.com/