Rachel & Jacob || Willow Farm, Berry

On a luscious farm, 1.5hrs from Sydney, Rachel & Jacob stood at the end of a small hall and confessed their love for one another in front of their closest family and friends.

Their smiles were wide, their tears were real and their love was strong.

I remember Rachel & Jacob's wedding so fondly. Willow Farm was the perfect destination for these two to tie the knot - the rolling hills, the rich greens, the clean air. Perfection. It was a crisp and beautiful day that day but not more beautiful than Rachel herself. Her infectious laugh brought a smile to my face every time I heard it. Her love for life is inspiring and just being in her presence made me wonder why I ever need to feel unhappy with my surroundings. She was joy itself.

The wedding was a combination of warm company, constant laughter and tasty pizza - the perfect ingredients for a fantastic night. Throughout it all though, Rachel and Jacob remained with each other and embraced this new chapter in their lives. They were united together, joined forever and this was the start of their journey and they made sure they remained present and soaked it all in.

I couldn't have been happier to witness this day and I couldn't be happier to be sharing it with you now xx