Michael & Durrah || Engaged

I've always known myself to be a clumsy person. But although I feel like it has worsened with age, it's never really gotten me into any problems.

Until the day I met up with Michael and Durrah to shoot their beautiful and wintery engagement session. The session was going wonderfully. Lots of laughter and cuddles were shared amongst the two of them. I was getting lost in their beauty when before I knew it I was getting lost in the river below me. One wrong placement of my foot and I was falling head over heels into the babbling brook, camera and all. Emerging from the water like something out of a horror film, I quickly dried off my camera, regained my pride and kept on shooting with my clothes dripping with river water.

It was hilarious and embarrassing but Michael and Durrah were such angels throughout and found the whole ordeal quite entertaining. And to me, I got the shot I was after and boy was it beautiful.

Totally worth it.