Megan & Dean || The Grounds of Alexandria

Megan & Dean met the old fashioned way. A click here, a swipe there, a “hello, how you’re going” and a “Shall we meet?” later these two walked into a bar and the rest was history.

Love has a funny way of working out. I find that we expect one thing and then the complete opposite happens. We look to TV and Movies to tell us how we should be feeling or acting but then when we’re in the moment of it all something else happens. We feel things we’ve never felt before. Our body tingles, our hearts flutter and we feel this sense of home, more so than we’ve ever felt before.

What’s even crazier, is when you sense these feelings in another couple. As soon as I met Megan and Dean I could feel their love in my bones. I could see their happiness. I could smell their joy. I could taste their excitement for marriage and I could hear their admiration for one another in the way they spoke. Love takes over all the senses of the body and I find it remarkable that I can feel it all through my work.

I was nothing more than excited to photograph this wedding. Megan is a florist and her attention to detail is impeccable. They got ready and saw each other for the first time at the Old Clare Hotel in the heart of Sydney before heading to the beautiful Grounds of Alexandria for some pre-ceremony shots.

Their ceremony, lit by the stars and officiated by Jessie Cacchillo, was heartfelt but a little quick because the skies got a little emotional and cried down tears of rain forcing us to rush inside for the rest evening (not before sneaking in a quick kiss though).  It was crazy and romantic and totally unexpected…much like a true love story.

The night was fun. Full of celebration and dancing (as it should be) thanks to The Vintage Stylus playing the best of vinyl.

Gosh. I wish I could go back and enjoy this day with them again. It reminded me of how colourful and fun love is. Just scroll down and see for yourselves x