Jo & Tom || The Grounds of Alexandria

We all know the saying "When it rains, it pours" and that couldn't be more true for the wedding of Jo and Tom.

I woke that morning to the sound of heavy pitter pattering of rain drops against my window. I looked outside and the clouds were black and visibility was low. My iPhone weather app confirmed my assumption that the rest of the day would be looking the exact same. I worried that Jo and Tom might be stressing, that 'rain on your wedding day is good luck' might not seem so lucky to them anymore.

Turns out I was stressing more than them. Upon seeing both Tom and Jo in the morning, I laughed at the idiocy of me even thinking rain might be causing a problem for the two lovebirds. Both were in extremely high spirits, and went about getting dressed with butterflies in their stomachs and smiles across their faces. The rain didn't bother them at all and nor should it have. Their wedding was planned focusing on their marriage and their love so it didn't matter if it rained, hailed or shined because their love would remain the same.

The three of us had spoken previously about how I work as a photographer. They mentioned to me that they don't like 'posed' photos or anything too 'staged'. They wanted me to just capture the day as it happened regardless of whether it looked 'good' or not. I assured them that this is the only way I work because, to me, what makes a wedding unique are the candid moments, the shots unplanned and unscripted. So that's what I did and gosh did we capture some magical moments, from children playing in the aisles of the church, to their grandparents stealing a kiss with each other at the reception. There was way too much joy at this wedding for a photographer to handle so I hope I did the day justice.

It may have rained down on them hard but Jo & Tom didn't hold back at all. They just propped up their umbrellas and continued to party through their day, laughing and dancing along because they had just experienced the happiest moment of their lives and nothing was going to get in the way of that.