Grace & Joash || Fig Tree Restaurant, Byron Bay



1.     1.

the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.


1.    2. wonderful; exciting.


Now while I don’t believe in magic in the wizards/witches sense, I do believe that this world is full of mysterious forces, wonderful and exciting forces that show us beauty and love in the everyday moments of life. From the way the sun rises and sets, to the ocean, to the smiles we can’t help but give when a child laughs or to the moment your body shakes with excitement when you see two people in love come together as one.


Love is magic. Hands down. If you don’t believe in magic then you’ve never fully been taken over by love (in my opinion anyway). It’s fiery and electric and fully supernatural at times. It can’t be explained, it can’t be controlled. You are fully at it’s power and mercy. It’s wonderful.

Grace and Joash married in the gorgeous and laid back Byron Bay at Fig Tree Restaurant with their favourite people by their side. They were married by Benjamin Carlyle under the warm Spring sunshine and a beautiful rainbow that, I would argue, magically appeared just as they were sharing their vows.

Grace and Joash have an energy about them that makes you want to dance. They are passionate and excited for life and don’t take themselves too seriously which I love. We had the most fun dancing along to Drake and drinking champagne in a psychedelic double decker bus, with Grace looking incredible in her Made with Love dress. We ate under the stars in the most beautiful reception set up I have ever seen and then danced…and I mean danced!...the night away.


 I’m so thankful these two trusted me with capturing the enjoyment of their day. You can see in their smiles (and in their dance moves) just how much fun they had at their wedding. I love that they didn’t want to give in to the rigid traditions of weddings but rather make it their own by throwing a party they will never forget.