Callum & Abbey || Engagement

I love the adventures I get to go on with the various couples I meet and I'm not just talking about the physical kind but the personal and emotional adventures too. Hearing the stories of different people and capturing them in a photo is what I love to do.

Sometimes though the physical adventure is just as fun and having a couple that is up for doing anything is just the icing on the cake.

Callum & Abbey are good friends of mine and so when I found out Callum got down on one knee in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand, to propose to Abbey I couldn't have been more excited. Their love for each other is just so sweet to watch and I feel very grateful that I get to tell their story. The three of us went on an adventure a few weeks ago to the gorgeous Penrose State Forrest where we trailed up and down dirt tracks finding the most beautiful forest paradises. We came across Kangaroos, Leeches (!!), and played with a few smoke bombs or two.

It was an adventure worth taking and a story worth telling.

Looking forward to when these two get hitched early next year! It's going to be a dream xx