Abbey & Callum || Camden Valley Inn

I love when I walk into a wedding and I feel the bride and grooms presence everywhere I stand. I love seeing the character and charm a bride and groom have put into their wedding to make it wholly and completely 'them'. It's what makes a wedding so special and unique. Whether it is the type of flowers, the song choices on the dance floor, or the personalised vows spoken, each decision made paints together a day unlike any other.

Abbey & Callum are two people with such large hearts and open minds. Once the excitement of their engagement subsided they started to dream up their wedding. They dreamed of a wedding where they would be free and comfortable, a wedding that was naturally beautiful, a wedding that was full of God's love and a wedding where they could kick off their shoes and dance the night away. But Abbey & Callum didn't just sit there and let their dreams be dreams. Rather they made sure they took the right steps to make their wedding day completely what they wanted it to be and, let me tell you now, they damn well achieved it! 

This wedding was full of their favourite things - gorgeous warm colours, a bridal party that made you laugh and laugh, matching The Horse watches, a stunning two-piece from Babushka Ballerina, soaring open plains, an outdoor dance floor, and so much love my heart could burst.

I loved every minute of it and it wasn't just because it was so physically beautiful but more because I felt every moment of the day. It was real.

Take a step into their day and feel all the feels over and over again with me x