The Natoli Family

Each and every day we are blessed with an abundance of gifts. It may be a warm shower in the morning, or a smile from your local barista, or it could be a new job, or a kiss from your loved one. Blessings come in different shapes and sizes but if you look hard enough they are always there for us, every day.

Family is one of those blessings that can be overlooked in a person's life. Family can often be annoying, and judgmental and frustrating and they can sometimes make us lose sleep. But family is also constant; they are always there, sharing your blood, sharing your name. They are there for you no matter how frustrating they are to you or how frustrating you are to them.

They are there and that is truly a blessing.

The Natoli Family and I went to the park one sunny morning and sat in the gardens as the ducks walked their ducklings down to the river. The sun shone through the leaves in all different shades of green and we basked in the delight of one another's company. It was such a pleasant time, a blessing you could say.

Here's a look at their gorgeous family session.