I'm Sam and I'm terrible at writing 'about me' sections.

3 years ago I started my dream job in advertising. It was a position I had been dreaming of and working towards for years. Day 1, I got dressed in my corporate work suit, picked up my take away coffee, sat down at my desk, looked at the screen in front of me and cried.

I realised quickly I wasn't destined to sit behind a desk for the rest of my life. My feet wanted to move and dance, my body wanted to explore, my mind wanted to learn and my soul wanted to reach out and grab every corner of the world.

After 2 weeks I quit and came home with no dreams, no goals and no bloody clue what to do with myself.

6 months went by and, to be honest with you, it was probably the hardest 6 months of my life. I struggled to find purpose and meaning. I couldn't figure out who I was and who I was meant to be.

Then, I started blogging so I could have a space where I could put all the endless thoughts and words I had in my mind and apply them to a format I enjoyed. I picked up my boyfriend (now husband!)'s camera and started documenting the world around me as I saw it. Soon I noticed something amazing; there was so much to see! I started noticing the little creases around an old mans eyes as he laughs. I noticed the awkwardly cute hand holding between a couple on their first date. I noticed the way a mother looks at her child as if there was nothing else in the world but the two of them. 

I saw connection. I saw beauty. I saw fun. And I then realised what I was witnessing wasn't just one emotion, it was a combination of so many moving parts - it was love.

It was then I realised what my purpose was and what anyone's purpose should be. Love is what drives me and it's what I aim to capture in the photos I take. It's the reason I shoot in a journalistic, natural way. I don't want to make things look natural, I want them to 'be' natural. I want to capture the love I see and feel in the world because at dark times its all we have. Love is hope. It is fun, it is laughter, it is a partner's embrace, it is dancing on the bed in your underwear, it is having milk froth on your upper lip, it is lipstick stains on his cheek, it is waking up in the arms of your spouse, it is your fathers face as he sees you on your wedding day; it is everything!


Now, 3 years later, I can't stop my eyes from seeing love in the simple life I live. I'm married to the most wonderful (and cute!) man and together we dream of a world that is in love with itself. We want to see everyone dancing and rejoicing in happiness. We want to show everyone around us that love is not some fairytale made up to keep our children happy and sleeping soundly.

Love exists and it is beautiful and I hope my photos can remind you of that every day x