My photography isn't about me. It's not about the beauty of a wedding dress, or the gorgeous sunset that illuminates a reception. It's not about how many fancy cars you've hired, or how many tiers are on your wedding cake. 
My photography is about moments.
The moments you share with love itself. From a kiss from your new spouse, to a hug from your father, to a child holding your hand, to your grandma dancing with you all night long. I can't define what these moments are for you but what I love to do is to see them form and blossom in front of me. To see my beautiful clients release themselves to each other and to me and open up their hearts and their personal shields to let in a vulnerability and a passion they may have never seen before.
Moments aren't rare. They happen each and every day. I think we just forget to notice.
...and that's why you have me xx