Samantha Heather Photography


Cassandra & Stephen || Pilu, Freshwater

It was a 40 degree day. The sun was shining high and although the perspiration was dripping off our backs, our smiles never left our faces. Summer was on its way and today was the perfect day to celebrate it. 

It was on this day that Cassandra and Stephen made vows to love one another for the rest of their lives, to always trust and to always be faithful, to always care no matter how hard their journey got and to be the best parents they could be to their darling girl. 

I found true beauty in Stephen and Cass's wedding and not only because of their choice in dress, venue or styling but more so in their love for their family, their friends and one another. Here were two people who cared so much for the humans around them and I feel lucky to have been able to experience that. 

Here is a little highlight reel of their wedding day. Pour yourself some iced tea and enjoy the warmth of this wonderful celebration x