Jenna & Jacob || Campion College

I awoke to thunderstorms the morning of Jenna & Jacobs wedding. Driving to Jenna's home I couldn't help but feel a little worried about how the day was to pan out. They were having a garden reception under a simple marquee, a marquee that realistically couldn't fit everyone underneath it. My windscreen wipers were on full blast by this stage, all cars were driving 10-15km under the speed limit. The sky was putting on a light show of lightning and thunder and I knew in that moment I needed to pray. 

Turns out God was on Jenna & Jacobs side (like he always is) and answered their and my prayers. 10 minutes later the rain stopped.

I walked into Jenna's home to hear laughter and joy - it was as if they didn't even care that it had been raining. I asked if they were concerned and Jenna confidently remarked something along the lines of "Not at all". She truly didn't care - all she cared about was marrying the love of her life and starting this new chapter in their lives, rain or shine.

Now to say Jenna & Jacob's wedding was the average DIY wedding would be an understatement. When we met up to discuss how the planning process was going, Jenna seemed confident and relaxed. I asked "Have you got your dress yet" to which she replied "Well Mum and I are making it so not quite". Wow. "Have you chosen a makeup artist yet?", "Oh I'm doing that myself too!". Okay... "What about styling?" "Yup, all me!"

From the dress, headpiece, makeup, styling, invitations and a whole bunch of other things, Jenna & Jacob crafted it all. The day was a combination of creativity and community with everyone they loved lending a helping hand to make their dream wedding come to life. It was the DIY wedding we hear about but never see and I was completely blown away by how beautiful and real it all felt.

It made the wedding not about the vendors or the 'show' but rather about them and the loved they shared - a value I'm sure they will hold on to for the rest of their lives.