Samantha Heather Photography


Karina & Tom || Engagement

When Karina and Tom first met me they explained they hadn't really had a proper photo together...ever! Even at their own engagement party they forgot to get someone to take a happy snap of the two of them.

I immediately thought to myself: "Challenge Accepted"

We met up one warm and bright Sunday afternoon and the three of us wandered through the lush Australian bushland and chatted about the journey they've been on together as a couple. They told me how they met, how he asked her out, how he proposed and all the while I was capturing their sweet smiles to each other as they spoke. It was a time where the two of them could stop and remember the times of joy they've shared with each other and a time where I could capture them in their most comfortable and happy state.

Here is a snippet of our time together. I think I managed to add some decent photos to their collection don't you think? xx