Emma & Mitch || Watson's Bay Hotel

Winter has indeed reached Sydney's shores and with it has come the cool crisp air and the layers upon layers of wool I wrap around myself.

I can't help but sit here and remember the summer months when the sun set late and my fingers never felt numb. It was a time where many got married under the Australian blue skies and laughed and laughed even though perspiration might have been running down their backs.

Emma & Mitch were two people who decided to have their wedding in the middle of Summer, next to the sparkling blue water of Watsons Bay. These two were infectious. Their smiles and their laughter and their tights hugs made you want to squeal in delight. There was no doubt that love had made an impact here and was continuing to do so. There was no doubt it was love that brought these two together. There was no doubt that love was what Emma & Mitch lived for.

Everything about their day was special, from family travelling home from overseas, to Emma's dad seeing her for the first time in her dress, to having a whole church light up when singing praises of worship, to heartfelt speeches during the reception, and to even killer dance moves on the dance floor - this wedding made me feel love.

Just take a look for yourselves...