Samantha Heather Photography


Gus & Iggy

Every now and then I like to try something new and take a break from the beautiful world of weddings. So when two dear friends asked me to take photos of them for a special project of theirs, I couldn't say no.

Marilyn and Louisa are the two parts that make up Gus & Iggy - a musical duo who create the most beautiful songs and beats. Taking inspirations from the likes of Brooke Fraser and Mumford & Sons, Gus and Iggy have stolen my heart and their new tracks have become some of my favourite tunes to listen to while I work, drive or even when I'm in the shower (don't judge).

I would highly recommend heading over to their brand spanking new website and clicking play on their new track "Ticket to Ride" which is part of a brand new EP which will be launching November 20th. These two women are pretty amazing and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such talented creatives. Check em out!