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Natalie & Manuel || Engagement

I always tell my clients that having an engagement session before the day of their wedding isn't just about getting used to standing in front of a photographer, or receiving pretty pictures of each other, it's about taking an hour or two out of your day to just be with each other and soak in the moments spent between the two of you. 

Time spent between couples in our modern day is sparse and when you finally do have the time for each other often thoughts of "did we feed the dog?", "how are we going to pay rent this week?" or "what is my mother-in-law going to say about my wedding dress?" pop up into your heads and before you know it the moment between you and the one you love is gone.

Sometimes I think engagement/couple sessions act as a form of therapy; not only are you spending time with the person you love the most but it's quality time. You're forced to drop the stressful issues in your life (I mean who wants to look stressed in front of a photographer) and just be with your partner and remind yourselves that being this close to each other is actually your favourite thing in the world. We forget that far too often.

Here are Natalie and Manuel, soaking in each other's love, a couple of weeks before their gorgeous destination wedding. You can really feel the love between these two - it's not fake, it's not staged, it's utterly real.

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