Samantha Heather Photography


Jess & Tim || Shipwrights, South Sydney

It was one of those days where you knew things were going to be beautiful, no matter what happened.

Jess's house was peaceful for a home that was preparing itself for a wedding. Everyone was slowly and quietly getting ready, while they drank their coffees and laughed with one another. Jess's bridesmaids showered her with love and support, giving her hugs, dancing around her and laughing loud to scare off any lingering nerves. Tim had arranged for a present to be gifted to Jess on the day of her wedding, a hand written card and a locket with photos of them both inside, a memento she can keep forever. Jess was thrilled of course. It was a way of communicating with him one last time before they became husband and wife. Getting dressed, Jess asked for her grandmother to help her. She was the only person there when the dress was bought and it was only fitting she be the only person there who dresses her. The dress draped beautifully around Jess's body and it would be a lie to say that tears weren't shed when she revealed herself to her parents and her bridesmaids. 

Back at the church, the guests were starting to arrive. The sun was making its way out of the clouds and it shone down on the church entrance, eagerly awaiting the guest of honour. Guests took their seats and a groom stood at the end of alter, taking deep breaths while he anxiously peered down at the door. Outside she stood, hand in hand with her father as he prayed for her marriage. Her bridesmaids hugged her and smiled as they said their farewells and walked into the church before her. The crowd went silent and the music played and finally there she was, the bride, walking down the aisle, smiling from ear to ear as she saw the love of her life smiling back at her.

The ceremony ran smoothly. Songs were sung, readings were read, God's word was spoken, and all the while Tim held Jess's hand. They said their I do's and exchanged their vows and slipped their rings onto one another's hand, a symbol of their love. After all this time of planning, of rushing around meeting florists, and wedding coordinators and all the vendors under the sun, this was the moment they had been waiting for. They were pronounced husband and wife, a unison bound together by love and together they sealed it with a kiss. 

We spent the afternoon with their family and friends before running around the church grounds trying to find the perfect light. We immersed ourselves in the trees and walked in and amongst headstones. It was a beautiful time. Jess and Tim could not stop looking at one another and I can't blame them. Here they were, two beautiful souls, connected as one. It was obvious from the time I first met them a few months before that this was a partnership that was designed by God. I didn't need to tell them to pose in a certain way or laugh here or smile there. They did it all themselves which I think is a testament to the love that possessed them.

As the evening sun made its way to the horizon, Jess and Tim's family and friends got up to say kind and loving words about the pair. Laughter erupted under the canopy by the ocean and tears were silently shed. Before dinner however, we managed to sneak off to capture the last few breathes of the sun. We kindly were allowed onto the back of a strangers boat and, in the tight space that we were given, we created magic. They danced and chatted while I snapped away and it occurred to me that this was a rare moment they had to spend with each other, just the two of them (which is not something you get that often on your wedding day). Jess and Tim then said their speeches to each other. Jess sang hers to Tim, an original song she wrote for this very day. They held each other afterwards and danced the night away with those they loved the most.

A perfect way to end the day xx

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