Samantha Heather Photography


Family || Leo

The love between a mother or a father and their child is something I cannot begin to explain. I cannot because a) I am not a parent myself and b) it is something so beautiful to watch that there are no words to describe it.

I started doing family shoots because I love LOVE. It is a wonderful thing to observe and many people take it for granted. My aim is to show people the love they have for each other. Through my photos I hope to tell a story of a family, of a couple, of friends and through that story, deliver a message that is hopeful and warm.

I hung out with Leo and his family last month and followed them on their day. It was cold and rainy but half way through our time together, the sun came out and shone upon us. It was wonderful. It was also the second time I hung out with their little family. To see photos from the first shoot, click here.