Samantha Heather Photography


Melinda + Jim || Ocean Beach Surf Club

Bucket List Item #34: Be hired as a wedding photographer   "Check"

Through mutual friends and worth of mouth, I met Melinda and Jim. Two people who have been together for years, two people who cannot imagine life without the other, two people who decided that the timing was right to commit themselves to one another for eternity.

And they took me on. They trusted me, a rookie who knew nothing about how to shoot a wedding. That's what was so great about Mel and Jim; they didn't worry. They didn't worry if the photographer didn't know what she was doing, they didn't worry if a baby was crying in the middle of their ceremony, they didn't worry that the weather might turn sour. They didn't worry about all that because the only thing they cared about was being with each other and loving one another as husband and wife. 

As a result, the day ran perfectly and I couldn't feel more blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful and loved up day.

Here's to love and the joy it brings!

Thanks to Stephen for assisting me on the day